Summers Kiss

Summer has kissed the frozen earth and she has awaken fully, bursting forth, trees in full green leaf foliage, meadows alive w/ butterflies, bubble bees and humming birds, wild flowers and pink roses abound.  A mama moose with two baby calves.  It is truly a new season and beginning for all of earth inhabitants

Goats In Coats


Brrrrr But baby its cold outside.  It can become very frosty fast here in Alaska even for two Nigerian Goats, Nicerombie and Patch..

Why Goats, you might ask, because they are great landscapers, and can clean rubbish plants and shrubs, brush off of your land in no time, saving you time and energy not to mention using expensive machinery that is not so nice to Mother Earth.

Goats provide milk, cheese, alarmist when someone new walks by, their pellets mixed with the hay are wonderful for the composting pile and help maintain the gardens.  Plus they are so gosh darn cute and cuddly , yet you can cuddle with these cuties and they will fall asleep right in your lap…

Eco Green Community

Welcome to my very first Blog, tada! so happy !! Eco Green Leaves , speaks of mother earth and her bountiful gifts… Have you ever wanted to live off grid, grow your own garden, spend the day on your passions instead of being unfulfilled working for your company, or a dreary job.  Then check this site out…Starting an Eco Green Community of individuals who want to build together small tiny off grid homes and flourish together in a tight knit haven in Alaska, first of its kind.

Perhaps you would like to stay where you are due to employment, family or just timing and finances and are looking for ideals to improve your environment right where you live. Lots of ideal and tips here at Eco Green Leaves….